About Us

With experience spanning almost 20 years, our founders have worked within the IT and HR departments of the insurance, healthcare, dental and aviation sectors to name but a few, contracting for brand name clients, FTSE 100 companies and even the Royal Navy along the way. Having been friends since their school days, Clive Cockman and Jo Maddison set about designing and implementing their own unique business strategy. The next step was to bring all their ideas together under one roof in the form of 'Maddison Group'.

Learning from the customer and understanding customer expectations are crucial elements. With the vast array of front-line experience gained by both our founders, excellent customer support and service simplicity became the primary directives, installed at the very core of the Maddison Group business model.. 

Today, the Maddison Group 'umbrella' neatly encapsulates a range of IT Support solutions, covering 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support, IT Project Management, Web Design, Digital Marketing and E-commerce.

Moving forward, our core directives remain strong and we continue to deliver quality IT services to our customers, both new and existing.